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Are you a snooker pro? Snooker is one of the most popular games around as it is a game of skill, a game of patients and a great way to challenge your friends! Many people find snooker to be relaxing and therapeutic whereas others find that it gives them a real rush and sense of danger! Whatever the reason for loving to play snooker it is a really popular game that seems to be growing in popularity.

Where can I play snooker?

Snooker is a game that can be played in loads of places. Most pubs in the UK will have a snooker table that you can use, and sometimes it is even free, you just need to ask behind the bar for the balls. Sometimes it isn't free but you only need to pay a pound or two to have a go. There are also a load of pool and snooker halls around the UK which are dedicated to the great game! You can go there simply to play, socialize with your friends and maybe even have a drink and a bite to eat. Nowadays loads of people even have snooker tables in their homes so that they don't need to leave the house to play their favorite game! 


Online snooker

So we know that there is loads of ways that you can play snooker, but how about for those people who want to stay at home but cannot afford to buy their own snooker table for their house? What about those people who have a snooker table but have no one to play with? How about the real snooker lovers who feel the urge to play while they are in the bath or on the bus or even at work? Well that is where online snooker comes in handy!

There are a lot of online snooker sites that offer you the chance to play virtual games of snooker against other players or against the computer. The only problem is that the sites all vary so much in price and in what they offer that it is really difficult to know which one to go with. Here at Mac Snooker we are the best. We offer free, speedy services with a great user experience. Our site gives you unlimited access to play as many games as you could possibly play every day and at no cost whatsoever! You can play against the computer at different levels or you can play against other players when you have a working Internet connection.

Our games are predominately designed for Apple Mac computers although of course they work on all computer systems. You get a great user experience with our site with no pop ups, no adverts and no distractions keeping you from your game!


SO if you are a real snooker lover, come onboard and sign up with Mac Snooker. We have a great community of players just waiting to compete against you so sign up and show off your skills!


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They are snooker pros!

AJ Grenader

Mac Snooker is a really great site for snooker lovers like me! There are loads of cool games to play with different levels and options. The site is free which is amazing and it's fast too!

Teresa Higgins

I really love to play snooker and if I don't have time to get down to the snooker hall I love to play it online from home. Mac Snooker is the best site around, super snooker!

Paul Woolton

I always use Mac Snooker it is the best online snooker site around. The service is free and the site is so easy and simple to use. There are others out there but they are nowhere near as good!